How to Install Numbered Page Navigation in Blogger

How to Install Numbered Page Navigation in Blogger

Make it easier to navigate your blog with [Page Numbering Tool]. it do replace the older/newer, and home links below posts with pages numbers.

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How to Install [Follow and Subscribe] Widget in Blogger

Follow and Subscribe Widget [Social Icons Tool]

Install icons of sites you use, like Twitter, RSS Feed, Youtube and others. The benefit of this is to increase your followers, keep them in touch and updates

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How to Install Search Box in Blogger

Install (Search Box) Widget in Blogspot & Blogger

It's important for your blog to has a search box, to make it easier for vistors to get the information they want.

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How to Install Share/Save/Bookmark/Email Button for Blogger

Share/Save/Bookmark/Email Button for Blogger

Help your readers to share, save, email, and bookmark your posts with this button.

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How to Hide Navbar (Top-Navigation Bar) - in Blogger

Hiding Navbar (Top-Navigation Bar) - Allowed in Blogspot

Remove and hide the top navigation bar from your blog. Dont be afraid of that, its allowed in blogger

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How to Add Recent Comments Widget for Blogger

Recent comments widget - for blogger

show latest comments on your blog by this tool, it's faster than (the default feed widget) and you can display more than 5 comments.

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How to Install Recent Posts Widget in Blogger

Recent Posts widget - Easy install

Let Your vistors know your recent posts with this tool. its shows your latest entry depending on its date

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How to Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger (Most Commented)

Popular posts (most commented) widget

Show your popular posts to your vistors and increase its popularity. this tool depends on how many comments that your posts contain.

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How to Change Blogger Shortcut Favorite icon

Change favicon

Add favicon to your blog at the top of the browser beside your blog name, instead of the default blogger icon.

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How to Add & Highlight Source Codes in Blogger

highlight source codes with syntaxhighlighter

The smart way to add source codes in your post is using (Syntaxhighlighter tool), that will color your codes

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How to Make Links Change to Multiple Colors

Color changing links

if you pass the mouse over the links, the link color will change constantly to several colors

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How to Make a Falling Snow Effect in Blogger

Amazing - Falling Snow Effect

Make your blog wintering with a falling snow effect, that will add a magic touch on your blog.

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