How to Hide Navbar (Top-Navigation Bar) - in Blogger

Hiding Navbar (Top-Navigation Bar) - Allowed in Blogspot

Remove and hide the top navigation bar from your blog. Dont be afraid of that, its allowed in blogger, because there is nothing in (Blogger Terms of Service) that prevent you from doing that.
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You can install it on your blog by two methods:

First method:

Click on (Install) button above. Then, select a blog. after that, click (Add widget) and dont change anything. You must drag the widget and drop it down of other widgets so its will not cause a space problem between widgets.

The negative of this method is that it's hide sometimes slowly, go to the second method for faster effect.

Second method:

This method is faster than the first one.
Go to (Layout), (Edit HTML), and find ]]></b:skin>
Now copy/paste this code above it:

/* by */

#navbar-iframe {
display: none;
visibility: hidden;
height: 0px;

/* by */

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